Wills/Estate Planning

A will is a key component of any estate plan. Remarkably, most people don’t have one. Regardless of your age, marital status and estate size, a will is vital in reducing the cost and difficulty of administering your estate in Texas. Here’s why:

With a properly drafted will, the collection and distribution of estate the assets can be accomplished with minimal court oversight. Often, only a single, short court appearance is required. Without a will, the state of Texas takes a much larger role. Not only does the family have to prove which individuals are entitled to take from the estate, but also the court can require the executor to submit to a court every request to dispose or distribute estate property. This is time consuming and expensive – usually many times the cost of a will. Unfortunately, many people discover this only after a loved one has passed away without one. Our clients find that taking care of their will not only is a prudent thing, but also lifts a mental burden, once they realize that their estate will be distributed as they wish.

Our will package also includes documents that will help you while you are still alive. They include powers of attorney both for financial matters and health care, a directive to physicians (sometimes known as a living will), a HIPAA authorization that enables the persons you name to receive your medical information, and an appointment of agent to take care of your body at death, according to your wishes. Some of our clients also may be aided by a Declaration of Guardian, or by a Designation of Guardian for their minor children.

Some clients find that a trust fits their needs. Trusts can be established before death, or as part of a will. A properly drafted and funded living trust can keep those assets from going through probate. Many trusts will provide protection for assets from creditors, and some can be structured to help with estate taxes.

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